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- Check out John O'Sullivan's Ted Talk about supporting your child in youth sports at: (click on the link toward the bottom left of the page).  John is a well-known author, speaker and expert on youth sports and he and his team at are committed to keeping kids at the forefront of youth sports.  

- Here is another great blog by John regarding why kids play sports:

- Check out the Parent Handbookdeveloped by USA Hockey.  It is a great resource for any parent no matter the age or level or your child.

Travel Sports vs. "House" or Recreational: What is best for the child and keeping things in perspective

- A recent article in USA Hockey magazine about the benefits of House hockey or what is now referred to as Tier III.  


- Download the SportSEngine app to your smartphone.

- Set up a username and password on phone or on a desktop for SportSEngine.

- Serach the app for our program by typing in "Troy Wild"..  

- When you find the team, click on the star and it will become a "favorite" in your app.

- Go to account settings (upper right corner of screen) and turn on updates for games and events.

- From the schedule page, click on the forward icon at the top right of the screen to subscribe to the team calendar for your smartphone.

- To add other family members to the communication chain, log-in to SportSEngine through the website and from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner under your username, click on "account settings" and then click on "add email address" to your account profile.  You can then manage that email for notifications from the account settings page.

Michael Palmer

Michael Palmer

Head Coach

Phone: (248) 904-9253

Assistant Coaches

Justin Camilleri
Rich Clearman
Matt Stolzenfeld

Paul & Amber Baksik

Team Managers