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Mission Statement

The coaching and management staff of the Troy Capitals strive to provide a safe and fun learning environment for our players.   Our goal is to not only teach our players the game of hockey, but to also put them into opportunities for leadership.   

So where are our Bantams on the road to hockey and athletic development?

We have developed beyond the Squirts and Pee Wee ages aka The "golden age" of development.  These past 4 years, they improved at a greater pace than any other time in their lives.   However, they will continue to enhance these skills as their muscles begin to mature and develop.   This time is essential, for their overall health as adults.   The good habits they learn, at this age when it comes to making choices on what they eat and how they spend free time  ( video games vs. working out or going for a run), will be in full display into their 20s and 30s.    

I personally believe this age is so vital that they learn that idle hands are the devils workshop.   During these early teen years, they are more easily influenced by their peers than any other time.    This idle time gives opportunity for peer pressure by children (at school and in the neighborhood) who are heading down the wrong road in life.    We need to be diligent in driving the importance of setting goals and working towards them.

We (your coaches) continue to take careful consideration to put these players through difficult situations and practices to get the most out of this time.   We understand that being uncomfortable, within your environment, is how you excel.    Although our primary concern is not winning, we know that it is hard to win if we are not having fun or without the hard work and dedication of each player.    

We also understand that our players are exiting the "all is fair and everyone wins" mentality, and into the "performance matters."  The importance of your grades evolve into higher SAT scores, to better college opportunities and finally their ability to hit professional objectives as adults.     

Therefore, our players will need to begin to own their own development.  They will need to make the decision as to their level of dedication and hard work towards the sport.   Their decisions will dictate how and when they are utilized during game situations.   I understand that this may come off that we will be playing our more developed players over our lesser developed.  That is not what we are indicating.   However, attendance, dedication and coachability will dictate their playing opportunity.  Therefore, that means that each player is steering their own ship when it comes to how much playing time they receive and when and what line they play on. 

It is our goal is to help this generation of children understand that nothing is handed to you in life.  You have to earn what you enjoy through hard work, dedication and fair play.

 We encourage any feedback in an effort to help us fine tune this process.


Thank you for allowing us to coach your children.


Head Coach Jim Weaver

Assistant Coach Adam Rixner

Managers Craig and Laurie VanRaemdonck

Power Skating Jessica Swinton

Goalie Coach Dylan Lesner & Cam Clauser

Scorekeepers/DJs Jon and Jen Robertson

Photographer and social media  Matt Sackrison

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2021/2022 Team


Feng Lewan 2
Kiriluk Steele 3
Weaver Alex


Sackrison Nolan 9
Crum Alex


Formaro Charlie


Robertson Logan


VanRaemdonck Matt 20
Rixner Logan 21
Wade Anderson 28
Roth Drew 37
Weaver Easton 55
Quinn Brady 80
Weaver Farrah 90
Abbo Connor 91
Preston Gosik 99

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Capital's Awards

10/16 Anderson Wade - Hat Trick

10/16 Anderson Wade - Playmaker

10/30 Alex Weaver - Hat Trick

10/30 Alex Weaver - Playmaker

10/30 Alex Crum - Playmaker

10/30 Steele Kiriluk - Hat Trick

10/30 Matt VanRaemdonck -Playmaker

10/30 Drew Roth - Playmaker

11/2 Anderson Wade - Hat Trick

11/6 Easton Weaver - Playmaker

11/6 Anderson Wade - Playmaker

11/14 Anderson Wade - Hat Trick

11/14 Farrah Weaver - Shut Out

11/14 Easton Weaver - Defense

11/14 Drew Roth -  Defense

11/14 Logan Rixner - Defense

11/14 Matt Van Raemdonck - Defense

12/12 Alex Crum - Hat Trick

12/12 Steele Kiriluk - Hat Trick

1/21 Alex Crum - Playmaker

1/22 Anderson Wade - Hat Trick

1/22 Alex Weaver - Playmaker

2/5 Nolan Sackrison - Hat Trick

2/5 Anderson Wade - Hat Trick

2/6 Farrah Weaver - Shut Out

2/6 Drew Roth - Defense

2/6 Brady Quinn - Defense

2/6 Matt VanRaemdonck - Defense

2/6 Charlie Formaro - Defense

2/12 Steele Kiriluk - Hat Trick

2/12 Anderson Wade - Hat Trick

2/12 Drew Roth - Playmaker 

2/13 Alex Crum - Hat Trick

2/13 Steele Kiriluk - Playmaker

2/13 Farrah Weaver - Shut Out

2/13 Drew Roth - Defense

2/13 Brady Quinn - Defense

2/13 Matt VanRaemdonck - Defense

2/13 Charlie Formaro - Defense