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Mission Statement

The coaching and management staff of the Troy Capitals strive to provide a safe and fun learning environment for our players.   Our goal is to not only teach our players the game of hockey, but to also put them into opportunities for leadership.   

 Squirts and Pee Wees play in the "golden age" of development.  Over these 4 years, they will improve at a greater pace then at any other time.   The coaches take careful consideration to put these players through difficult situations and practices to get the most out of this time.   We understand that being uncomfortable, within your environment, is how you excel.    Although our primary concern is not winning, we know that it is hard to win if we are not having fun or without the hard work and dedication of each player.

 We encourage any feedback in an effort to help us fine tune this process.


Thank you for allowing us to coach your children.


Head Coach Jim Weaver

Assistant Coach Mike Chrobak

Assistant Coach Tim D'Onofrio

Manager Mike Chrobak

Power Skating Jessica Swinton

Goalie Coach Dylan Lesner and  Reggie  Dunlop

Signup Genius   Jill Chrobak

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District 3 Champs


Lis Anna 30
Chrobak Lucas 5
Weaver Alex 8
Terrana Andre 10
Balasia Will


Semioli Aiden


Galli Drew


Becker Aydan 36
Isabell Alexander 40
Blaski Ivan 45
Weaver Easton 55
Weaver Farrah 90

Silver Sticks Regional Tournament Port Huron

Please visit the Silver Sticks sites for all the latest information on Silver Sticks Tournament

Capital's Awards

11/8  Hat Trick  Lucas Chrobak

11/8 Playmaker  Andre Terrana

2/12 Hat Trick Lucas Chrobak

2/12 Playmaker Easton Weaver

2/12 Defense Anna Lis

2/12 Defense Andre Terrana

2/12 Shutout Farrah Weaver

2/12 Shutout Aydan Becker

2/14 Hat Trick Will Balasia

2/14 Hat Trick Aiden Semioli

2/14 Playmaker Alex Weaver

2/24 Hat Trick Lucas Chrobak

2/24 Playmaker Lucas Chrobak

2/24 Hat Trick Alex Weaver

2/24 Playmaker Andre Terrana

2/24 Playmaker Aiden Semioli

2/27 Hat Trick Lucas Chrobak

3/2 Hat Trick & (2) Playmaker Will Balasia

3/2 Hat Trick Lucas Chrobak


3/4 Hat Trick & Playmaker Will Balasia

3/4 Hat Trick Alex Weaver

3/4 Playmaker Easton Weaver

3/7 Playmaker Will Balasia

3/8 Playmaker Will Balasia

4/9 Playmaker Alex Weaver

4/9 Shutout Farrah Weaver

4/9 Defense Easton Weaver

4/9 Defense Ivan Blaski

4/9 Defense Anna Lis

4/9 Defense Drew Galli